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AATRUPADAI FOUNDATION, Team that is primarily intended to enlighten the minds of Govt and Govt aided school NEET ASPIRANTS since 2021, currently working on Training NEET 2024 Aspirants across the state ONLINE.

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Dr. Karthikeyan R

Founder & Chairman

 I adore myself as a person with an ardent desire and a heart to be “The change” that the society needs. This force in me drove towards initiating a platform to deliver quality education and training for several Govt school NEET ASPIRANTS across the state. I have been nominated for several Youth Icon Entrepreneur awards, notably the VIVEKA SHRI- YOUTH ICON INSPIRATION award, Special Appreciation award from Sri Aurobindo Society ZIIEI – Delhi. I strongly believe that this initiative should reach several aspiring candidates looking for an opportunity to explore and give births and lives to the society with a scalpel and a stethoscope.

MR. M Ravichandran


I am extremely delighted in chairing as one of the board of trustees of AF. Being a postgraduate from the prestigious IIT-MADRAS, and a rich experience of 30+ years in the corporate world as FOUNDER- Terafast Networks Pvt Ltd., I strongly believe, I will be able to guide, explore and create opportunities that contribute to the growth of this educational trust. My best wishes to all the NEET ASPIRANTS.

Mrs. T Lakshmi


“Don’t find fault, Find a remedy”. Myself, a proactive, dynamic and a rich experience in general administration and finance as FINANCE DIRECTOR- Terafast Networks Pvt Ltd, would be able to coordinate, identify and manage the donations received in terms of monetary, books and other required infrastructure. I find immense pleasure in taking charge as the Treasurer of AF and would strive hard in development of the Trust.

Prof Dr. D H Gopalan


A Postgraduate from the proud Madurai Medical college and an eminent Professor of Anatomy for more than a decade with several Best teacher awards, Noteably one among the TOP 100 Eminent Professor Awards by Indian Education Awards and a rich, yet an evolving experience as a core administrator in the Medical Education Unit as a NMC Coordinator  and Vice Principal of Tagore Medical College, I have always looked up to be part of student led initiatives to guide, mentor and support in the best way possible to mould and see my students grow.

Trustee Committee
Our team

Member Trustee

Mr. Keerthivatsan S

My journey from being a NEET 2018 aspirant who faced setbacks to an engineering graduate turned mentor has shaped my unwavering commitment to the success of NEET aspirants. I chose to use that experience as a driving force for my own growth and to uplift others on their NEET journey. My own trials taught me the value of mentorship, guidance, and resilience. Beyond academic excellence, I aim to nurture the confidence, critical thinking skills, and ability to handle challenges of NEET aspirants. Together, we’ll prepare you not just for NEET 2024 but for a lifetime of success in medicine.

Dr. Percy Mary Vargheese

A proud House Surgeon with a mindset to explore new challenges and learn from them. My willingness to learn and ability to adapt to situations and mould accordingly is my strength. This programme is a new challenge for me. Being a NEET aspirant myself and having undergone the stress and understood the preparatory methodologies to crack NEET exam I  want to make sure that every student receives benefits from the education tools and the efforts that we deliver to them and to help them achieve their dreams.

Mr. Hemanth M

A Proud Engineering Graduate from the Esteemed Thiagarajar College of Engineering Madurai , have been keenly looking for opportunities to be a part of a team working for a cause. I would consider myself as a potent leader who can provide timely solutions for the challenges posed to us, train a group of young future leaders in taking up tasks and coordinate with other team members. Being a NEET aspirant myself twice and having understood the challenges and the difficulties that the exam pose to the candidates, I would like to use this opportuinity to guide and support the future NEET aspirants.

Ms. Sai Ramyadharshini R

A Msc-IT Graduate from Vels Institute of Science, Technology & Advanced Studies (VISTAS). Being an optimistic, Dynamic and a visionary individual, I would like to inculcate the values of balancing success and failure, exploring different opportunities in life to the candidates. I find immense pleasure to be Social Media Wing person of our Trust and excited to be part of a societal change that we as a team are working for.

Our Team

Ms. Thamannah Rashid K M

Leadership had always fascinated me since childhood. From being an organizer for quite a few events and School head girl, I am happy to use and explore administrative opportunities with AF. Currently pursuing First year BDS in Baroda and proud student of First batch of AF, I would like to stand on the administration aspect of AF and contribute the best for the development of AF.

Ms. Nafeesah Fathima S

A Second Year MBBS Student Passionate about serving the students’ community, strives to motivate the students. I am fascinated in developing and delivering high quality learning modules and facilitate smooth coordination between students. My mantra for success is staying up to date with the latest trends and innovative practices in education. She works towards empowering young minds to reach their full potential and achieve academic excellence being successful in personal and professional life.

Our team


Mr. Ashwin A L

Physics Faculty - Head

 I have completed my Bachelor’s in Production Engineering. Despite my background in Computer Science, I possess a deep passion for physics and am determined to challenge the stereotypes surrounding it. I thoroughly enjoy the process of teaching and firmly believe that the knowledge we acquire is meant to be shared with those who are in need of it. I would like to use this opportunity to propagate the importance of physics and to make its learning accessible and engaging for students. My ultimate goal is to inspire a shift in the way students perceive and approach physics. And I find AF as a very right platform to reach out to the most deserving and the needy students.

Mr. Zameer Ameen

Chemistry Faculty - HEAD

Myself,  Zameer Ameen, from singara Chennai, passionate chess player and a pianoist with a NEET score of 602/720 in my first attempt, and now a proud budding medico from Government medical college Omandurar. Having gone through the crucs of NEET preparation as Fresher and understood the exam pattern and preparation methodologies, I would like to share my experience to several deserving students through Aatrupadai Foundation, primarily focusing on conceptual teaching and learning and motivating towards their NEET journey.

Dr. Karthikeyan R

Biology Faculty - HEAD

Over 5 years of teaching experience in handling NEET BIOLOGY primarily focusing on concept based learning and demonstrations, have trained several hundred candidates at various institutions. I have been invited as a motivational speaker for orientation session for teacher and students at various group of schools across chennai for NEET. As a core administrator of this educational trust, I always find the teaching hours and students a source of relaxation and stress relieving activity.

Mr. Sugin R S

Physics Faculty

Sugin R.S, a native of kanyakumari, being a repeater Joined AATRUPADAI FOUNDATION for NEET 2022 and got a score of 600/720. From being the student of AF to FIRST YEAR MBBS student at GOVERNMENT MEDICAL COLLEGE, Kanyakumari, I am in the mission of Make- doctors by taking the responsibility of imparting the knowledge of physics to them.

Ms. Kanishka M

Chemistry Faculty

Resident of the heritage district of the state, and a proud AFian with a score of 513/720 in NEET 2023, the equations, formulas and the bonding have always fascinated me. As a chemistry faculty cum student of AF- NEET 2024 Batch, I would like to learn and strengthen my concepts by sharing my knowledge to my fellow batchmates. I am proud to be part of AF- Faculty Team and would contribute the best for the success of NEET 2024 Batch

Ms. Ramya G

Biology Faculty

Currently Pursuing 2nd year MBBS in Tagore medical College, Teaching is my passion and since the time I got to know about Aatrupadai foundation, I wanted to be a part of it. I would take great joy in trying my best to help NEET aspirants bring out their true potential and score well in NEET.

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The  Fellow Citizen focuses on supporting innovators who can deliver impactful projects currently related to the pandemic, but will soon support other avenues for meaningful change.

Adhavan Adityan

The Fellow Citizen program is a way for me to channel my vision for a more socially equitable nation by empowering young entrepreneurs to drive social impact across both public and private sectors.

Arun Krishnamurthy

Through the Fellow Citizen initiative, I am keen on interacting and working alongside innovators who have solutions for India’s social requirements.

AATRUPADAI FOUNDATION, a team that has joined hands to enlighten the minds of government and government aided school NEET ASPIRANTS.

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